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Pro Tips for How to Apply Your Makeup Without Brushes

Posted in Fashion and Style

A good makeup brush is like a magic wand with the power to make you look amazing even if you are not feeling your best. It is an essential part of any good beauty arsenal. But there are several scenarios that could leave you without access to your favorite brushes– you forgot to pack them for a weekend getaway, you received an unexpected invite to an evening event after work, or there simply wasn’t enough room in your bag for extra items.

The situation can feel a little like getting caught in the rain without an umbrella. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Here are tips from beauty experts for how to apply your everyday makeup without brushes and tools.

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1. Concealer and Foundation

Source: Style Craze

This may come as a surprise, but it’s actually ideal to apply foundation with your fingers because the heat of your hands warms up the cream for a seamless finish. Using your ring finder, start by tapping concealer under your eyes and flare outward. Then tap foundation around your nose with your ring finger and brush it out diagonally. Lastly, use both hands to blend. For maximum coverage, try Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation.

2. Contour

When you find yourself without a brush, skip the tinted bronzer, and use a foundation that is 2 to 3 times darker than your original shade. Use your thumb to apply the cream down your cheekbone and continue to blend in a downward motion. Then use your pointer finger to apply the cream down the bridge of your nose and continue to blend in a downward motion. Next, apply the pigment close to your hairline going from temple to center on both sides using your pointer finger and middle fingers. Check outUltra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation by Make Up For Ever.

3. Highlight

Source: Painted Ladies

Use your middle finger to apply highlighting powder between the contour lines on your nose and blend down. Next, apply highlighter just above the apple of your cheeks and blend in a C-shape around the eye. Starting at the highest part of the arch above your brow, apply highlighter and blend up. To make your eyes look more awake, tap a small amount at the inner corner of each eye. What to make your lips look fuller? Lightly dab highlighter on your Cupid’s bow. Brighten your face using Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette by tarte.

4. Blush

Blush will give you a healthy dose of color and can be easily applied without a brush. Start by using your ring finger and middle finger to make circular motions on the blush palette. Using small circular motions, apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up toward your temples. For a radiant glow, try Clinique Cheek Pop.

5. Eyeshadow

Source: The Small Things Blog

An eyeshadow a few shades darker than your natural skin tone will work to contour your eyes. Using your ring finger, apply the eyeshadow to the creases of your eyes. Blend the pigment well by using small circular and tapping motions. Check out Buxom’s Single Eyeshadow Bar.

6. Powder

Powder is going to set any areas that may have been missed by foundation or highlighter. Use your ring and middle finger to apply. You’ll also want to use powder to avoid shiny looking skin. For full coverage, check out bareSkin Perfecting Veil by bareMinerals.

7. Eyeliner and Mascara

Source: WikiHow

Tools are a given with eyeliner and mascara. Apply these products as you normally would.

8. Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Some of us like to wear a bold lip during the day. Not a problem – a bold lip can be achieved without any tools. Instead of regular tube lipstick, experts suggest using the liquid version because it is easier to manipulate. Begin by dabbing the pigment on the inner parts of your top and bottom lips. With your ring finger, use tapping motions to spread the color to the outer corners. For a classic look, check out Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick by Smashbox.

Don’t panic the next time you get caught without your makeup tool kit. Just follow these protips and your beauty game will be next level. Brushes not included.

14 Styling Tips Every Man Should Know to Look His Best

Posted in Fashion and Style

A lot of men out there do not place fashion high up on their list of interests (I am completely aware there are exceptions here). Ask around and you’ll find that sports, tech gadgets, travel, food, and beer tend to rank significantly higher. There comes a time though when knowing how to dress becomes important for a guy. Age and lifestyle catches up and the clothes you got away with in your 20s and early 30s become a little tighter and just don’t look good anymore. Here are some styling tips every guy should follow to look his best.

We're recommending some products from Gap, Banana Republic, J.Crew, and the like.


1. Wear more black.

Source: Gap

Take a cue from the ladies and incorporate more black in your wardrobe. Dark colors are slimming, so think about investing in a pair of dark washed jeans and a few black t-shirts like this one from Gap.

2. Stay away from prints and patterns.

A fine-striped shirt will pass. But you want to avoid loud prints and patterns, especially if you are broad or have a large chest. They will just draw unwanted attention to the area you are trying to minimize.

3. Wear a striped tie.

Source: Trashness Blog

Ties are an exception when it comes to patterns and prints. A tie with vertical stripes against a solid colored button down shirt will have slimming effect.

4. Embrace dark colors.

The slimming benefits of black have been noted. But don’t think wearing dark colors means you have to go full Goth. Try out colors like navy and midnight blue, deep olive green, and burgundy as seen on this button-down from Banana Republic.

5. Avoid bulky fabrics.

Source: J.Crew

Keep this style tip in mind for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Thick wool trousers, wide wale corduroy, and chunky, roomy sweaters do no favors if you’ve packed on some pounds over the holidays. Instead, try layering a lightweight merino wool sweater over a button up shirt. You can wear a pair of knee length wool socks under chinos to stay warm. Check out this merino wool sweater from J.Crew.

6. Keep it simple.

You don’t want to break up your outfit with different colors. The juxtaposition of hues will draw attention to every area whether it is a problem or not. As a general rule, stick with similar tones of the same color for a polished and slimming look.

8. Find your brand.

Source: Lifestyle Fancy

This page also comes from the women’s guidebook to style. Try out different brands to see which ones offer the best items for your build. Labels like J.Crew, Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Topman are known for their slimming styles.

9. Avoid pleated pants.

Pleats use more material and cinch the fabric, adding more weight to your frame. Instead, choose flat or plain front pants, which having a trimming effect. You’ll also want to stick with darker colors like grey, navy, and deep olive.

10. Find your waist.

Source: Dashing Date

Saggy, ill-fitting pants are unflattering no matter who you are. To look slimmer, wear pants at your natural waist.

11. Hem is important.

Pants that bunch up at the shoe can make your entire leg look bigger. Make sure the hem breaks at the top of the shoe and shows no sock when walking.

12. Footwear

Source: Arm Product

Choosing the right shoes plays a major role in pulling together a look. Square toe, thick, rubber-soled shoes should never be worn. For dress shoes, look for high-quality leather, thin soles, and a round toe – you’ll appear tall and slim. It’s hard to pass over those rugged work boots, we know. But they do add bulk. Feel like stepping out of your comfort zone? Chelsea boots, desert boots, and ankle boots are stylish and will make you look lean.

13. Outerwear

You’ve spent all this effort considering your outfit. Don’t throw in the towel when it’s time to choose outerwear. As a rule of thumb, buy coats and jackets that are the same size as your suit jacket. Anything larger will add excess fabric and appear bulky. For a lean look, wear topcoats and overcoats that stop 3-4 inches above the knee and have no more than three buttons. Jackets should stop at your waist.

14. Accessories

Source: Fashion Beans

Choose accessories like gloves, hats, and scarves with minimal material, muted colors, and vertical stripes. Anything more will just create a weighty appearance. Sleek, well-fitted leather gloves are all you need to look like you have some clue about men’s fashion.


Styles to Flatter a Rectangle or Straight Body Shape

Posted in Fashion and Style

sheath dress

Straight sheath version of the little black dress

A woman with a rectangle body shape is an extremely balanced figure type, with bust, hips, and waist all approximately the same size. This body type can play with proportion, texture, and color to create interest and curves. Here are some options:


Skinny jeans, paired with more voluminous tops, are perfect for this body shape. They add a difference in proportions and take away from an overly straight up-and-down look.


While flared skirts and a-line skirts also look nice on women with a rectangle body shape, try playing with proportion, by wearing a fuller skirt or a bell skirt made from heavier jacquard. The heavy fabric will enable the skirt to keep its shape and create curves. Embellished pencil skirts, like those with all-over patterns and textures, are also a great way to add interest.


The sky’s the limit with dresses for a straight figure – sheath dresses are very mod and work perfectly with this body shape. Think Twiggy and go for shorter lengths. In addition, try dropwaist dresses, which have are very much in fashion recently, and are great for an everyday look or, if embellished and beaded, for an evening out. Sheath dresses work well for a rectangle shaped body because they drape straight down and cover a multitude of problem areas (if any). Drop waisted dresses work well because they provide additional interest around the hip area with a kicky little flared skirt.

For heavier rectangles, shirt dresses work as well – just ensure that they fit you properly and don’t hug your hips too snugly. Shirt dresses with belts are also an excellent option, but be wary of excessive shoulder detail like epaulets, which can make your shoulders look broader than they really are.


skinny jeans for straight body

Fun ruffled top with skinny jeans and jacket.

Go wild with embellishment, frill, and ruffle – your body shape means that you can pretty much pull off anything. For younger ladies, consider the trendy cropped top. Recent iterations are slightly looser and longer, and look extremely chic with a high-waisted skirt.

For heavier rectangles, try v-neck and scoop neck tops that are a little drapier. This adds volume to your upper half, which can make your waist look smaller. Ruffles and embellishment should be concentrated around the chest area, not the shoulders.


Belted jackets and jackets with princess seams work well as they cinch at the waist, giving your silhouette more curves and a more exaggerated shape. Stay away from boxy jackets, which can be a little too rectangular – emphasizing the angles of your body and making you look like a box. Key Accessory

Statement jewelry!

Depending on what you’re wearing, a statement necklace or earring is great for the rectangular body shape. This draws attention to your face and upper body, which is where you want the attention to go anyway

Don’t Get Boxed In

Rectangle body shaped girls, have fun with color, print, and embellishment. Even heavier rectangles can carry off pattern and bold colors well when judiciously chosen.

Styles to Flatter an Hourglass Body Shape

Posted in Fashion and Style

Highlight an hourglass shape with a fitted waist

Highlight an hourglass shape with a fitted waist

The hourglass body shape is a one with a tiny waist, and with hips and bust approximately the same width. Many with this figure have gorgeous, womanly curves. Here are some ways to show them off:


Boot cut, straight leg, and wide leg pants look great on a curvier hourglass-shaped girl because they visually balance out your silhouette. The slight pant flare balances out the wider hips.Pick pants that are mid-rise and fit well around the hip area – consider tailoring the waist to prevent your pants from gaping unattractively in the back when seated.


Well-fitting pencil skirts and fuller circle skirts both work well. Consider ponte knits, which are heavier knits that hold their shape well, but have sufficient give and wrinkle less than cotton or wool blends. An easy outfit for any occasion is a top tucked into a skirt and belted – this emphasizes your waist and is very flattering.


Wrap dresses work well as they skim your curves – look out specifically for dresses with a little bit of Lycra content. Retro-style ‘40s and ‘50s dresses are also great because they emphasize the waist in a very flattering way. To avoid looking outdated, consider modern prints and bold colors.

hourglass clothes

A soft long collar, fitted waist and pencil skirt highlight this hourglass shape


Tailored and well-fitted tops are key – consider shirts that have nipped-in waists and tops in stretchy materials that hold your curves in.

The best necklines for an hourglass shaped figure are scoop and v-necks, to show off your bust. However, be wary of frills and ruffles at the neckline, which may be unflattering for a fuller-busted woman.  Also avoid crew neck shirts as they do not flatter an hourglass’ torso.

Fabrics like knits and silk are more suitable for hourglass-shaped ladies as they drape over your natural curves; avoid structured and heavier fabrics as they can make you look boxy.


Jackets with princess seams – long rounded seams that allow for a tailored fit to follow a woman’s shape – are key for the hourglass-shaped lady, especially with darts that emphasize the waistline. In addition, jackets should hit the top of your hip bone or mid-thigh – having a jacket right at your waist will emphasize the width of your hips. For longer or bulkier jackets, consider wearing a belt around your waist to avoid looking shapeless.

Key Accessory

The belt, to highlight the daintiest part of your waist; have fun with different belt styles and don’t be afraid to draw attention to your mid-section.

Hourglass Glamour

Hourglass-shaped girls, embrace the dress. Specifically, the wrap dress, which will do you all kinds of good and is the most effortless, chic, and darn right easy outfit to pull on. They are perfect for both day and night, just be aware of pattern and color. Do it!

Styles to Flatter a Pear Body Shape

Posted in Fashion and Style

Dress for wider hips

Fit and flare dresses are flattering to “pear” shapes.

If you have a lower body that is proportionally wider than your upper body (your hips are wider than your shoulders) – you’re a pear, and you’re not alone. The pear shape is the most common body shape among women. Below, some nifty style tips that will help you dress to impress:

Perfect Bottoms for Pear Shapes


The key for great style for pear-shaped women is clean, tailored bottoms. Think flat front pants, trouser-jeans, and darker colors. Stay away from pleats, side pockets, and hip details that will add bulk to your lower half. Straight-cut pants and pants that are slightly flared are best. Avoid tapered or skinny jean styles as the narrow ankles will not balance wider hip shapes.

Other Clothing to Flatter Wider Hips

Skirt Styles

Look for skirts that sit at the natural waist, such as a-line and tulip skirts – they look great with a tucked-in top for everyday wear. Tulip skirts, especially, are particularly great for pear shaped ladies as they cinch at the waist and flow gently over the hips, hiding the stomach. Skirts that emphasize the natural waist tend to de-emphasize wider hips.


The fit-and-flare dress, with a nipped-in waist and fuller skirt, is the perfect dress for pear-shaped ladies.  Shirtdresses that belt at the waist are also good options, as they allow for more volume and detail on the upper part of your body, and the fuller skirts hide “problem areas” like stomachs and wider hips. This also allows for more comfort and easier movement as the skirt does not constrict around your hips.


Embellished tops and tops with sleeve and shoulder detail are good choices – they visually balance out a heavier lower half and draw attention to the area around your face.  In addition, keep an eye out for tops with more voluminous sleeves, such as kimono or bell sleeves that add volume to your arm and shoulder area. They create a more proportional silhouette.

In general, stay away from cropped tops as well as tops that are too loose. Tops that are too short can truncate your body at an awkward point, emphasizing your hips; tops that are too loose can hide your curves and make you look larger than you actually are. The sweet spot is fitted tops that extend just below your hipbone. They elongate your torso and, if the top is of a darker color than your bottom, can also make you look slimmer.


trench coat style

Mid-thigh length trench coat

Military jackets and trench coats are the perfect option for a pear-shaped body. These coat styles usually have structured shoulders – look especially for those with shoulder tab details. This balances out the width of your hips. Trench coats are also great because they usually come with belts, which allow you to define your waist.

In general, outerwear that is slightly longer and hits at mid-thigh is the most flattering for a pear-shaped body.

Key Accessory

The scarf, which draws attention upward and is a fun – and useful! – accent to almost any outfit.

Fabulous Wear for Pears

Pear shaped girls, the key to a great look is balance and proportion. A slimmer bottom paired with slightly more voluminous top is an easy guideline to picking outfits that will look the best on you.

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