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How sweet is Blondie Lockes! As sweet as the honey is, because she is the daughter of the Goldilocks, the character from the story of The Three Bears. Blondie often claims that her mother was a queen in a faraway land.

Blondie is an energetic and very social girl. She likes everything to be “just right”, so she cares a lot about small details and is very meticolous, and this, sometimes makes her hard to please.

She is mad about technology and loves programming, actually, she runs a school blog called Mirror Cast with her MirrorPad, the Ever After High equivalent of a tablet.

She has the ability to unlock any lock, and she says that she hates when people lock their dorm rooms because a lock just prevents a door from fulfilling its destiny.

Blondie gets a baby bear whom she calls Grizz.


Blondie Lockes’s Mirror

Side: Royal

Cerise’s Roommate: C.A. Cupid

Parent’s Story: The Three Little Bears

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: Since her famili comes from an old kingdom, having her whole sotry told and being recognized for her Royal roots would be just right!

Her “Magic” Touch: She can unlock any door. It’s no big deal, really. Doors like being walked throught. She considers that you only insult their destiny by locking them!

Her Storybook Romance Status: She can’t wait to meet the Prince Charming, he is just right for her!

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment: She doesn’t understand why people get so mad when she borrow their things. She just assume if they leave their stuff out in the open, they want to share it with her.

Her Favourite Subject: Debate. For her is obviously that people need to know when they’re just wrong.

Her Least Favourite Subject:  Arts & Crafts. In her opinion, she doesn’t think her paintings should be criticized.

Her Best Friends Forever After: Apple White and briar beauty.


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This hearts lover girl is Lizzie Hearts of Ever After High, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland.

Although Lizzie is prone to condemn people to decapitation, she describes herself as a “sweetheart” being and she wishes to be a kinder Queen, unlike her mother. She accept and aproves her destiny, unlike Raven Queen, that doesn’t like her villain heritage.

Lizzie’s pet is a hedgehog called Shuffle.

Lizzie Hearts Card

Lizzie Heart’s Mirror

Side: Royal

Lizzie’s Roommate: Duchess Swan

Parent’s Story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: She is proud of her heritage, though she does wish to be a kinder Queen of Hearts. All that shouting hurts her throat.

Her “Magic” Touch: With a flick of the wirst, she build anything you can imagine out of cards.

Her Storybook Romance Status: She’ll wait until she gets back to Wonderland to think about that.

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment: People take her way too literally. When she yells, “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”, that’s just her Wonderalnd way of saying “Please” and “Thank you”.

Her Favourite Subject: Grimmnastics. She royally heart croquet. They’ve even made she captain of the theam!

Her Least Favourite Subject: General Villainy. She wonders why does everyone think she is a villan. She considers her destiny is to be a riddle!

Her Best Friends Forever After: Lizzie says that Kitty Cheshire and Madeline hatter are the only ones who understand her. Literally.


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She is Poppy O’Hair, daughter of Rapunzel and twin sister of Holly O’Hair.

She has been called Roybel because her destiny is unknown since it is holly who will be the next Rapunzel, as it was thought that she was born first. Although she likes both sides she feels more comfortable with the Rebels. However they are in different sides, these twin sisters love so much each other.

Poppy has a job at the Tower Salon in the Village of Book End. She loves taking care of hair and she enjoy taking “short cuts” and she is admired for all the people in town where she has a reputation as the best stylist.

As seen in O’Hair Split Ends, it is revealed that Poppy should be the next Rapunzel because she is truly the older twin, but since no one knows, the twins prefer to continue with their choices.

About her romance, Sparrow Hood has caught Poppy’s eye, but she thinks he is quite arrogant.

Poppy O'Hair Card

Poppy O’Hair Bio

Secret heart’s desire: She wants to find out her Once Upon a Time at Ever After High. That being said, she’ll never stop styling hair.

Her “Magic” touch: She thinks that being a daughter of Rapunzel, her hair is extremely valuable. In fact, she trims it every morning and put it into her savings account!

Storybook Romance Status: Belive it or not, she thinks that Sparrow Hood is cute and that he’d be a lot cuter if he’d stop singing bout how great he thinks he is.

“Oh courses!” Moment: Her sister says she is always looking for short cuts. And she says that she just doesn’t see the point of going the long way around the tower.

Favourite Subject: Princess Design. From ahir and makeup to fashion and style, she loves making spellbinding princesses look edy and modern.

Least Favourite Subject: Princessology. Just because she’s the daughter of fairytale royalty doesn’t mean she wnts to be all prim and proper.

Best Friends Forever After: Holly O’Hair and Ashlynn Ella.


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Continue reading if you want to discover Holly O’Hair’s Bio!

She is the twin sister of Poppy O’Hair, and they both are daughters of Rapunzel. Her birthday is on June 19, her star sign is gemini and her favorite food is Salmon with a side of greens, for healthier, shiner hair!

Holly is expected to be the next Rapunzen because she is slightly older than Poppy, although this has started to be doubted as in the O’Hair Split Ends webisode was revealed an important secret about that fact.

She seems happy to help people when they use her hair for tower escapes as her mother did. She enjoys reading and she wishes to write a book, she says that an active imagination is every princess’s friend.

Holly has a long strawberry blonde hair with a floral purple braid.

Holly O'Hair Card

Holly O’Hair Bio

Her secret’s heart’s desire: After she lives out her sotry as the next Rapunzel, she wants to write a new book of fairytales, starring all her new friends!

Her “Magic” touch: Even when cut, her hair can be made into the strongest rope or silkiest fabric.

Her storybook romance status: She’s got a secret crush on Daring Charming. But she doesn’t want you to tell anyone (especially Apple White)

“Oh courses!” Moment: She’s been inside the twoer for so long, she’s royally afraid of heights. Plus doors always seem to lock behind her, and she thinks she can never get out!

Her favourite subject: Damsel-In-Distressing. When she’s in the tower, she loves updating her Mirror Blog.

Her least favourite subject: Grimmnastics. Specifically swim class. She says that it takes hours to truck all her hair inside a swim cap!

Her best friends forever after: Poppy O’Hair and Blondie Lockes.

Quote: The night before I left for Ever After High, I looed at the stars outside the tower window and wished that both Popp and I could have a Once Upon a Time.


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In the following lines you will discover Duchess Swan’s Bio. Don’t forget to tell us what do you think about her!

Duchess Swan is the daughter of the Swan Princess and she is part of Swan Lake as the next Odette.

She is on the Royal side, but as Briar, is a Royal with doubts. She doesn’t like her destiny because there is no Happily Ever After in it. Her story has a tragic ending, something that has made her  bitter person who envies those with happy endings.

She has a big crush on Daring Charming and this could be one of the main reasons for Duchess to regard Apple White as her main opponent. However, having the best Happily Ever After could be another important one.

She tends to look down on Rave Queen because is perhaps the only princess with a destiny as bad as hers. She is also furious about someone that has the best of both worlds: Ashlynn Ella.

It seems that she feels better bothering everyone’s Happily Ever After like if that could make hers a better ending.

Anyway, we will discover over time, if behind her ballet’s mask she has a good soul.

Pirouette is Swan’s companion and is a pet that wakes her and her room mate (Lizzie Hearts) up every morning.

Duchess is a gorgeous girl who combines two basic colors, lilac and black. Her outfit is mostly lilac and the details like the necklace and corset in black. She has long lilac and black hair with a beautiful hairdo and a feather headdress in purple at the top of her head. Her eyes are brown and wears dark eyeshadow and red lipstick. She has inherited her mother’s ability to turn into a swan, but she has black plumage.

Duchess Swan Card

Duchess Swan’s Bio

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: Her story deserves more attention! She’s royally sick of being treated like a second tier princess.

Her “Magic” Touch: She not only can change herself into a swan whenever she wants, but she also can dance on water.

Her Storybook Romance Status: Once she gets Daring Charming’s attention, she know he’ll aks her out.

Her “Oh curse!” Moment: Okay, she admits it looks bad, but when she gets honking mad, her feathers start flying.

Her Favourite Subject: Dance Class-ic. Wings down, she thinks that she is the best dancer at school, especially in ballet.

Her Least Favourite Subject: Muse-ic. If you must know, she honk horribly when she sings.

Her Best Friends Forever After: Faybelle Thorn. Fairytales of a feather flock together.

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